Puffs Performance: Magical Fun for Everyone

Seven Increasingly Eventul Years at a Certain School of Magic.


Echo Luna, Staff Reporter

   As Meagan and her friends stared into the mirror, her friends saw their bright and happy future, but what did Meagan see? This is one of the vulnerable scenes in the Creek Theatre fall production, Puffs. The play is a parody of Harry Potter told from the viewpoint of the members of the Hufflepuff house or “Puffs”. It will trace the children’s seven years at wizard school. Additionally, it will have fantastic sets and humorous scenes. Lainey Ziemer (9) who has some small roles in the play, said, “It’s just a very supportive community of people.” Because of this, the play’s production is progressing smoothly. “It’s going great, we’re so ahead of schedule. We’ve got tech and blocking already down which we didn’t have for the last show till last minute,” said stage manager Emma Gregory (12). This play has been one of the school’s fastest produced shows. “Our set is pretty much done, we are doing full dress, makeup, and tech runs now to just polish it up,” said director Michele Messenger. 

Puffs is a show that is made for any audience. It has mild adult humor but also things for kids to laugh at and understand. Gregory said, “It’s really light-hearted and fun. It’s a show where students can understand jokes.” Anybody who has read the books or watched the movies should definitely come see it because it tells the untold story of the puffs,”  Messenger said. The school’s theater program continues to accept and enjoy all the support they’ve been getting. Messenger said, “Coming and enjoying our show is the best way to continue to support the arts and our theater program here at Pine Creek.”

Remember to buy your tickets on the Pine Creek website. Tickets are being sold out quickly so get them as soon as possible. The play will be performed on November 10th,11th, and 12th at 7pm.