Annual Trunk or Treat


J Powell

JV Cheerleaders created the Pixie Hollow trunk at the 2021 Trunk or Treat.

Victor Li, Staff Reporter

The annual Trunk or Treat event is scheduled for October 31 from 5-6 p.m. in front of the school. Trunk or treat is an alternative to traditional door-to-door trick or treating that has risen in popularity in recent years.  Cayman Hook (12), student council member, said, “Trunk or treat is so much more fun than trick or treating because it involves the community and our school.” Hook is one of the organizers of the event.  Student Council has reached out to the area elementary schools to entice participation. Over thirty trunks are planned sponsored by school clubs and sports teams.  Another event that draws a crowd is the cake walk.  “It’s sort of like musical chairs, people walk around a circle, and if their square is chosen, they can get a cake.” The event is being held on the actual holiday rather than over the weekend. Hook explained, “It’s a safe place for the community to get out, and we know it’s a controlled environment.  Because Halloween is on a school day, we want to involve the community and what better way to celebrate Halloween than coming to the trunk or treat.”