National Tech Honor Society: a place for tech students to shine.


NTHS held their induction ceremony on October 7.

Boston Kellner and Neville Jijina

National Tech Honor Society for the 2022-2023 school year has officially kicked off and is ready to start. NTHS is a great opportunity for anyone interested in going to a tech-based job in the future. “I joined NTHS because I have a general passion for technology. I never really knew what I wanted to do in the field, and to a degree I still don’t, but I know that working with computers is the way to go for me, and NTHS is a great way to help me on that path,” said Aydin Escamilla (11), president of NTHS. When asking Escamilla why he ran for president he said “After all of the seniors graduated last year, I felt like there was a missing piece in NTHS, and with my prior leadership experiences, as well as potential ideas for the chapter, I considered myself a good fit for president and decided to run,” According to NTHS Adviser, Ms.Gardiner the honor society is a place for students to find their niche and prepare for their futures. First and foremost, NTHS provides a tech-centric culture for like-minded students.  Since all the Technology classes are electives here at Pine Creek, it’s a challenge for technology students to find their community here in the building. The NTHS is a way for tech students to build friendships, advance their skills and knowledge in various IT technologies, participate in tech competitions, and earn recognition for their achievements in technology.  Plus, the NTHS likes to have fun!  We have many traditions, including bowling and mini-golf events, game nights, and of course parties with lots of food,” NTHS requires a 3.3 GPA or higher, 2 teacher recommendations, and enrollment in at least one tech class at Pine Creek. NTHS inducts new members every fall.