CTSO Spotlight


Pine Creek has three Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) that focus on different career paths. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), DECA (Marketing) and HOSA (Future Health Professionals). These clubs also help get the school more recognition when they go to events for Pine Creek.  They also help get some funding for the school events, which makes the school more enjoyable to go to. These organizations benefit the school and students in many ways.  Amanada Nyugen (12), President of HOSA, said, “They provide great opportunities that you don’t get with the everyday basic education” They also are very flexible for kids and their schedules, Gabe Hull (12), DECA Officer, explained how the clubs run “ Free flowing, it’s not a hard set curriculum”

DECA is the only CTSO that is also a course at Pine Creek. To be a member of DECA you need to be enrolled in a Marketing course. DECA is known for the Early Eagle Coffee Shop, Concessions, and running the Creek Cafe which is the school lunch program. The group attends conferences throughout the school year,  including district, state and international competitions. Student prepare manuals and role-plays for their various competitions. Members of Marketing 4 can also participate in an annual Sports and Entertainment marketing trip to Orlando.

HOSA is an organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in the healthcare field. They make sure all the students meet the needs of what is needed in the healthcare field. They attend state and national conferences for competitions in everything from CPR and First Aid, Medical law, Behavioral Health, Cultural Diversities, and a variety of different prepared speaking events. To be a member of the organization, students just need to contact Mrs. Kelley Newcomb at the beginning of the school year to get involved. 

FBLA, helps students prepare for careers in business. They help students prepare by putting the students through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs, community service and awards and recognition. Some examples of competitive events include 3-D Animation, Computer Game and Simulation Programming, Social Media Strategies, and Sports and Entertainment Management.  To be a member, students should contact Mrs. Jo Powell at the beginning of the school year.