“Head Attack” Takes the Win in Pine Creek’s Annual Peach Fuzz Tournament


Ella Beckwith and Taylin Sorden

On Wednesday, March 9th, Pine Creek hosted our annual Peach Fuzz volleyball tournament. This event is held every year in the week of the Sadie Hawkins’s dance. Peach Fuzz is a volleyball tournament created by the students where teams of boys are established and led by students. Girls are typically the coaches for the teams. Anyone can sign up to play, and the teams made are put together in a bracket of volleyball games. These games are both competitive and fun.

There were eight teams in total that participated in the tournament. The teams included: Gym Bros, Head Attack, Block Party, Jesus Saviors, Lotta Red, Fat Aces, Mormon Kid, and Spike Tysons. “Jesus Saviors” won in the Winner’s Bracket, while “Head Attack” were victorious in the Loser’s Bracket. The two teams then went head to head to win it all. In the end, Head Attack emerged victorious.

Micah Ronald (10), a member of the team “Lotta Red,” explained his experience in the tournament. “We played very risky and unfortunately it didn’t work in our favor, but the overall experience was fun.” Win or lose, the players had a great time playing with their team.

When asked how his team prepared for the games, Logan Spencer (10), team captain of the team “Jesus’s Saviors,” said, “Power Volleyball is one of the best ways my team and I practice because it takes time out of our day, away from school, to just play volleyball.”

Peach Fuzz has shown to be a great way of bringing students together for competitive games and school spirit!