Varsity Wrestling Takes First Place in Battle of the Best Tournament


The tournament was held  on the first weekend of December. Twenty-one teams including Pine Creeks’ Varsity and Junior Varsity(JV) battled it out to see who would be crowned ‘the best’.Two days of nonstop back-to-back wrestling resulted in the Eagles coming out on top.The event started at  8 AM on both days and ended around five in the afternoon. There was an abundance of wrestlers from  all  weights– 106,  all the way  to  270. Every  weight class is filled with skilled wrestlers eager to win. The event was catered by Papa’s Grill who served everything from BBQ sandwiches to street tacos. The gym was filled to the roof with excitement, cheering, and screaming. The bleachers were packed with  visiting teams along with fans of our own school. The tournament was the first competition of the season for Pine Creek. Both teams were anxious to get on the mat after a short 2020 season. The wrestlers from Pine Creek competed very  aggressively  wrestling   very  well overall as a team. Pine Creek’s varsity  accumulated   the most team points taking first place and the trophy. Logan Millikan (10) said, “The people wrestling in it were definitely some of the best I’ve ever wrestled.  The tournament is one of the toughest in the state.  It’s the first tournament of the year so not everyone is as well conditioned and in shape as they should be.”  Josiah Ornelas (11) said “ I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the team. The junior varsity being able to compete and win varsity matches is amazing. The severe and demanding practices the team endure everyday shows on the mat. Our team is able to not only keep up but outrun  the opponent not only with stamina or strength, but also mentally.”

Head coach Billy Gabel gave a rundown on the entire tournament saying, “Twenty-one teams, some of the teams were from out of state. Of the twenty-one teams, 2 teams won the state title last year coming back into this season ranked in the top 5 teams in 4A.” When Gabel was asked how he thought Pine Creek did in the tournament he said “JV wrestled hard, they wrestled some of the best teams in the state and did it hard, I think that this weekend showed that they got better after last weekend. Varsity did very well, went 7-1 and won the whole thing. It ran incredibly well.”