Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram helps students prepare for finals


Students studying at Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram. Photographed by Assistant Principal Kathleen Raphael

Final’s week is always difficult, and many students are unsure what to expect, which is where Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram comes in! Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram is a gathering where upperclassmen collaborate and help students with finals preparation, it was hosted in the 600’s pod, on December 8th and 9th, from 3:30 to 5:00.

A myriad of people put in a lot of effort to make Cocoa, Cookies, and successful and so students can have some weight lifted off their shoulders.

Sophomore Jessica Lange says, “I think it’s a good idea, food is always a great idea to get people to go to something, and it’s also an opportunity to get some last-minute one-on-one help.”

The past two years, due to COVID-19, there were no finals, so there are many students who have never taken a final exam before, which makes them unconfident, and they feel unprepared.

“I’ve done this in a couple of different schools in which I’ve worked, and it’s been very helpful for new freshmen who’ve never had to study for final exams. Sin

ce we didn’t have finals last year, I thought it would be important for freshmen and sophomores. Just to bring that skill back in.” says Assistant Principal, Kathleen Raphael.
Many freshmen don’t know what

to expect of the finals, and it’s not easy to take your teacher’s word for it, sometimes it’s better to hear it from someone your age. Senior Kayla Anderson says, “I definitely think this is helpful for new freshmen, they haven’t experienced finals yet, and so I think the idea of it can be quite intimidating, and with upperclass

men helping them learn and giving them confidence, it’s definitely going to help them during finals week.”