Ceramic Pumpkin Contest Down at Room 220!


Ms. Peck’s ceramics classes are holding a contest to judge ceramic pumpkins from all of her classes. The pumpkins were each made differently, just like Grant Fiala’s pumpkin. Grant Fiala is a senior at Pine Creek High School who entered the competition. He says the reason he entered was “because my friends thought it would be funny to enter with a squash.” When asked how he made his pumpkin, he said, “I hollowed out 2 bowls and attached them together, then I carved out the eyes and mouth.” From November 30th to December 3rd, students can go over to room 220 to vote for 3 of their favorite pumpkins. The winner of the pumpkin contest gets 3 candy bars of their choice, which Ms. Peck said, “Who wouldn’t want 3 candy bars of their choice.” On December 3rd, she will collect the votes, and the pumpkins with the most votes will win the contest. So come down to room 220 before December 3rd to cast your votes.